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We are delighted to announce the revival of this prestigious event, which has previously been highly regarded for its significant financial support and promotion of local communities and charities.

By providing a platform for films to be evaluated by professionals, celebrities, and VIPs, we showcase the best of creativity and offer opportunities for individuals interested in film production to develop their knowledge and expertise in the industry.

Our team is committed to helping filmmaking enthusiasts and supporting the ambitions of those seeking to further their skills. With a focus on positivity and creativity, we look forward to providing a safe and inclusive space for all participants to shine. Join us in celebrating the power of film and the incredible talent of its producers.

"Be part of something good"


Short Film Awards

We are excited to announce that we are now open to receive submissions for the

24th October 2024 Short Film Awards competition which will be held at

96 Shenley Rd., Borehamwood, Herts WD6 1EB

Doors open at 7pm

Details for purchasing spectator tickets are available on the Competition page and in the Entry Application Form.

Entry Application Form

Hosted By

Jason Cook


Spyros Melaris

Filmmaker and special effects artist Spyros Melaris will be giving a presentation about his work on the infamous 'Alien Autopsy' footage. The footage was released in 1995 and quickly became a viral sensation, with many people believing that it was real. However, Spyros has always maintained that the footage was a hoax, and he will be discussing how he created it using equipment from the 1940's.

Short Film Awards 2024



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